Video Documentaries From KIVU Nature Inc.

An epic tale of the struggles to defend the territory of a powerful caterpillar against the intrusions of a would-be thief. The battle lasts six hours.

Clash of bureaucracy and the Locke philosophy of natural law and the compact between the people and the government.

A pilot project to test the idea of producing a documentary on the four seasons that affect a local pond.

Chris Weait describes the most important characteristics that define a good bassoon reed. This is essentially a trailer for a two-disk version available from Chris.

Documentary dialogue between the same person and his alter-ego arguing about global warming and its potential impact on the planet.

This documentary was filmed as an incidental activity to introducing scientists from the nuclear waste management organization to indigenous traditional knowledge on the Deh Cho (MacKenzie) River.

A fun time-lapse movie about a cactus that only blooms at night. It started at about 7 PM and opened about 10 PM. It was open all night and most of the next day.

Merganser ducks are small diving ducks. A pair fought to win our pond as a mating and nesting site. Ducklings jump from the nest to the water.