New Insights into Sea Level Rise and Superstorms

James Hansen and 18 other authors have stated firmly that the sea level rise and superstorms of the ancient past are very real possibilities for our present-day climate if we do not rapidly remove carbon from our emissions. This is not the first time climate scientists have spoken out about the conservative views of the IPCC reports Report on the structured expert dialogue on the 2013–2015 review and suggested that the real world situation is much more dangerous than the public reports from IPCC seem to indicate. Gedens in a policy statement argues that scientists must be willing to state the facts even in t the face of intense pressure to tone down the apparent dangers. Climate Advisors Must Maintian Integrity. In this most recent report, James Hansen and his co-authors suggest many climate changes that are unexpected can occur and that they can occur quickly. He argues that the evidence for some of the worst ones are already visible in the observations.

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