Sea Level Changes Revealed

This map depicts the approximate sea level (shown as the new shoreline) for different amounts of sea level rise. To change the amount of sea level rise click on the little arrow beside the number in the upper left hand corner, then choose a new sea level rise. To change the location, you can simply click and hold anywhere in the map. A little hand icon will appear and you can move the map to a new view. To zoom in for a closer look use the little + sign in the upper right hand corner. To zoom out for a more general view, use the little -ve sign. This map is prepared by To see the map full screen, click on the icon with four spreading arrows and that will take you to the Firetree site.

For orientation with the future, many predictions suggest a one meter rise by the end of this century no matter what we do to reduce emissions. In the longer term, predictions depend on what people decide to do, but if the trends are maintained, the world will undoubtedly see CO2 rise to at least 500ppm. This will ensure a 6m to 9m sea level rise within a few centuries. That combined with continuing increases in population growth could be very difficult as people attempt to retreat inland to avoid the rising sea.

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