Knowledge, Imagery, Vision, and Understanding about Nature and Culture

SYMBIONT is an exciting new science fiction novel presenting some of the challenges that might face explorers to a new world with a different underlying evolutionary history.

Have a look at my prints on Fine Art America. They can be purchased in many formats and delivered to you. In this surreal nature series, the images are interpreted in some way. In these two images water movement is the metaphor.
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Human knowledge, derived from observation, experience, and the teachings of other people, is organized into systems that vary from culture to culture and include both science and traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples. We hope to bring greater awareness of how these knowledge systems can be interwoven to create more powerful decision-making tools.


A growing part of the work we do is best portrayed or at least documented by photography or videography. Over the years we have compiled many photographs of wonderful places that deserve to be understood for what they were when the images were taken. Often the essence of a subject is best portrayed as a work of art, rather than a realistic image.


The world is in desperate need of leadership. The foundation of leadership is a vision, a conceptual image of where the leader wants to take us. While we cannot provide a complete vision for what the world and its peoples should aspire to, nonetheless, we can help to build that vision through the knowledge and understanding we help to develop.


We can know something, but not understand it. We know that the number of people is growing exponentially. We know that has an impact on the world. To care for the planet well enough to live comfortably and sustainably into the distant future, we will need to understand what the limits of the impact must be and how to achieve those limits.