An exciting new science fiction novel presenting some of the challenges that might face explorers to a new world with a different underlying evolutionary history.

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From Chapter 5: The creature swirled through the fabric of the tent, spun once around and with incredible swiftness, swept directly at Stan, covering the distance at a dismaying speed. A thud of adrenalin into his brain cleared it of every other thought but the oncoming death. Deliberately, he dropped to one knee and placed the butt of the heavy rifle to his shoulder. A smaller man would have had trouble holding the weapon steadily in one hand. As soon as the sights lined up, he squeezed the trigger and released it. The gun spat flame into the darkening, momentarily making him lose sight of the beast. When he could see again, the beast was still driving forward at him, but now was only about five meters away. He jerked the trigger shut and held it, spraying bullets blindly. A smell of blood, and he was driven backwards and sideways, a grinding pain in his shoulder and a flash of sensation in his leg.

Later in Chapter 5: His huge muscular body glistened with moisture; giant rents in his chest caught the shadows creating a focus for the alien aura that surrounded him. Sun-bleached streaks of gold in his reddish brown hair contrasted vividly with the emerald skin. In spite of herself, Selene shrank before this immense, awesome man. Having effortlessly pierced an impenetrable wall, he strode toward her in alien nakedness, huge ugly claw marks raking across his chest. He reached forward, placed both hands on her shoulders and looked for a long and terrible moment deep into her eyes. Slowly, Stan released Selene and turned to look at them. His motions were of graceful confidence, despite the apparently devastating slashes across his chest. The alien green and towering physique denied the identity they knew to be his. It forced them to fall back before him, as he looked at each man equally in turn. “Yes,” he said in a quiet voice, a voice deep and strong. “Yes, I am alive. But I am also dead. Dead as a human, and alive as something else.”

From Chapter 6: At the first touch of his lips, Selene’s eyes flew wide open. Terror slammed through her, but she had been so relaxed, and his actions so sudden, she was trapped, helpless. His mouth was grinding at her lips. The salty taste was blood. In her immediate shock and fright, she did not struggle. A second later, the grasping, hurting fingers on her side horrified her as she realized he was completely out of control. Fighting to free her arms, she writhed frantically under his weight. Finally, muscles crying, one arm came loose, but her struggles allowed him to get one hand under her back and rip open her halter top. In attempting to lever her body up with her legs, she frantically realized she had allowed him to get his knee between her legs. Partly suffocating because of Ted’s mouth closing hers, and his weight on her chest, she knew she was in danger of passing out. Fear wrenched at her, panic was rising fast and making her struggles futile as they became more random.

From Chapter 10: Muscles bursting with the effort, he flung himself through the water and blood at the monster whose jaws crushed down on the slender hips and waist of Selene, now threshing wildly in his gruesome teeth. In the few seconds that it took him to reach the beast, the cascade of sparks from her hair and coils of luminosity that surrounded her winked out. They were replaced by a deadly black-green emanation from her entire body. Tiny ragged traces of blood oozed from around the teeth, but they did not rip her to shreds. Just before he was able to touch the creature, Selene’s hands cupped its eyes in a delicate, lazy motion. Instantly a white-hot explosion was contained between them. Scales blew off the creatures head, and an eerie image of the skeletal skull burned itself onto Stan’s retina.

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  1. Symbiont…Wow, is that the novel that you drafted so many years ago in another lifetime?
    If so, I do recall some of the storyline. Congrats on getting it published. Good to see that you are still passionately engaged and sharing your knowledge.

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